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At just under 22 pounds, the GE LOGIQ 100 Pro is an Ideal ultrasound diagnostic imager for the doctor that is on the move. This innovative system is a highly portable ultrasound with a carrying handle built in. With the GE LOGIQ 100 Pro, GE Healthcare has developed a protable ultrasound sysetm which meets the doctors demands for diagnostic confidence and high patient throughput.

Combining the best image quality with maximum productivity, the LOGIQ 100 Pro system is designed for abdominal, urology, obstetrics, OB/GYN, small parts, cardiac, pediatric and interventional applications.


  • Foldable Operating Panel which protect the monitor and the keyboard
  • Linear, Convex and micro-convex array technology
  • 16 Channel fully digital beamformer
  • Continuous dynamic aperture adjustment
  • Free adjustable transmit focus and parrallel – Focus ultrasound (high frame rates achived by Acoustic Parrallel Processing)
  • Dynamic self-adjusting receive focus
  • Operating Modes: B-Mode, Dual B Image (B/B-Mode), B/M Mode, M-Mode
  • Dimensions: 276 mmx244 mmx405 mm, Weight 9.8 Kg (with out probes)


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