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Gippyz Medical was established with an aim to help the doctors, the hospitals and the clinics around the world who wish to provide quality care to their patients. We help by providing our clients medical equipment at attractive rates without compromising features as well as quality. We believe that our effort is related to contribute to improving the standard of healthcare in the world and it helps preserve the earth’s environment as well.

We grew up fast in a short period of time and have emerged as one of the major supplier of quality medical equipment. We guarantee complete satisfaction to our clients with a wide range of preowned and refurbished products from major manufactures of  colour dopplers, Ultrasounds, Probes, Scopes, Endoscopy system, X-ray,  ECG, sony thermal printers  etc.

We assure our clients a complete contact point that will provide a pleasant and efficient equipment procurement process. We do assure a value to our clients by providing the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget.